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Paul Burglin, Attorney

“John is a conscientious lawyer with the experience and knowledge you want in a DUI defense attorney.”  Paul Burglin, Attorney

Hudson Bair, Attorney

Mr. Coniglio is a lawyer with a tremendous skill set from aggressively fighting DUI charges to navigating the judicial system in Monterey County.

He helps his clients get better outcomes from negotiated dispositions to not guilty verdicts he truly understands the complexities of criminal defense.”  Hudson Bair, Attorney

Chris McCann, Attorney

“John is a fellow member in the California DUI Lawyers Association. This group contains the top DUI defense attorneys in California. On our list serve I interact with John and many DUI lawyers daily and discuss tactics, strategies, the law, etc.

I've seen John's work up close as a result, and as such I can verify that he is in the elite category of DUI defense attorneys. He knows the ever changing law and science in DUI defense and uses the latest new and novel techniques to win cases.

He is not just some average defense attorney. He is a top-notch DUI defense attorney. If you are looking for one in the Monterey area, there is no one better.” Chris McCann, Attorney

Manuel Barba, Attorney

“John Coniglio is a talented lawyer highly qualified to handle any DUI case. He fights hard for his clients and has extensive knowledge in all areas of DUI defense.

I would not hesitate to refer a friend or family member who was arrested for DUI in his area.”  Manuel Barba, Attorney


“Mr. Coniglio is the authority is his field. He is the attorney you want to listen to and consulate with before taking any decision. He has perfected his craft to the limit that other attorneys consult him. He is quite generous with his time. He goes over all the details and examines them carefully. He is devoted to his clients and cares about their best interest.”  M.A.

Let the Law Offices of John R. Coniglio help you get the compensation you deserve.

Attorney, John R. Coniglio is ready to help.

The Law Offices of John R Coniglio provide legal representation for clients throughout California and in Santa Cruz County, Monterey County, San Benito County. We are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system. Whether you have a catastrophic, life-altering injury or have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, you are entitled to compensation for your losses.