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Life Care Planning


A life care plan is a vital part of every personal injury accident case. It helps you value your case, argue for a fair result in your case, and plan for the future. 

"Do I Need a Life Care Plan After an Accident?"

You need a life care plan after an accident if you have serious or permanent injuries.

If your injuries are anything but minor, a life care plan is important to handle your injury accident claim appropriately.

In cases with minor injuries, where you expect to recover in a few weeks or months, you may not need a life care plan to evaluate your damages.

However, when your injuries cause any kind of significant or long-term interruption in your daily living, you need a life care plan to ensure that your needs are fully and fairly addressed after a personal injury accident.

Creating a life care plan means evaluating all of the aspects of future needs for a personal injury victim. Medical bills and long-term care needs should be fully accounted for. However, lost income and expenses for daily living may have some overlap. 

Are you wondering where to begin in making a life care plan?

 Attorney, John R. Coniglio can help you decide which course of action will serve your best interests.
The Law Offices of John R Coniglio offer full-service legal representation for accident victims. If a life care plan is helpful in your case, Attorney, John R. Coniglio is sure to work diligently and carefully with certified Life Care Planners to create the appropriate plan for you.

The Law Offices of John R Coniglio's legal team evaluates your case from every angle to help you reach the best possible result. 
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